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LOL isn’t this girl just so precious? There is soooo many things wrong with this video that I just cannot stop laughing about ……. enjoy seriously she is just so precious.

Her Facebook pictures are just amazing (she photoshops her bum to make it look like Nicki’s” and she is 17 …… and has like a 35 year old boyfriend and she greets people on her Facebook profile saying ……

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy bro, sista, nigga migga digga :))) ♥ Whats up?" LOOOOOOOL that was the best part of her profile I just had to add her on Facebook.

…. searching searching turn on that brain of yours Bomba!

They let people like this in Canada?

10:51 am, by simplygay14 notes Comments

I love Miley and her pre whore days (:

This song brings back memories watching it on the Disney Channel

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ROFL this video makes me laugh so much. Can you imagine my history teacher showed this to the class when we were learning about World War II. GENIOUS!

Japan just comes in LMFAO makes me laugh xD

05:03 pm, by simplygay Comments