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I hope you enjoy my life and my posts :) also my random photos.

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I&#8217;m coming back for you California

I’m coming back for you California

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Since I needed to finally update the audio for the page I’ve selected one of my favourite songs for summer :D Hope you enjoy the mix!

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Summer School Blues :(

So instead of studying I would want to update everyone on these past two years of me being gone :) so ask away if you’re alive!

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achene-berry submit oh my god hey! I've went on a long hiatus too. Just came back to tumblr haha!

I have been attempting to get back into Tumblr but university kills me sometimes …. I made the stupid choice of taking summer school so I am suffering with exams :(

But I am leaving for Los Angeles in a couple of days!

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Remember Me ;D?

After almost two years on hiatus (I know I’m such a sloth) I think I have finally jumped back on the Tumblr train :P.

Did anyone miss me :D?

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On Break Again!

Guys I am delaying posts for a bit cause I am in Chicago :) so bare with me <3

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